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Jeremiah Watkins and the Four-Year Space Adventure - Chapter 4 (With Author's Note)

Jeremiah Watkins and the Four-Year Space Adventure - Chapter 4 (With Author's Note)

Note from author: I have had so much fun over the past couple of months developing this storyline, but I'm beginning to wonder whether it belongs on this blog. The story's intended audience is upper elementary and middle school students, but I don't normally share to that group when I post on my feeds. Curious about what others may think...

Chapter 4

The room remained dimly lit by Jessenia’s violet glow. Silence sat like a wall separating her and Jeremiah.
            “Are you ready?” she said, her words cutting through the space between them.
            “Uh…yes, I just…nervous a little,” said Jeremiah gathering his bearings.
            “You said the same thing last time I convinced you to come with me,” she responded, walking over and flipping up the light switch. The radiance of her skin disappeared.
            “Last time?” said Jeremiah.
            Jessenia did not respond. She cocked her head to the side as if listening for something.
            “Something doesn’t feel right,” she said.
            Jeremiah sat up in bed. “What do you mean?”
            Once again, he got no answer. Cautiously Jessenia made her way toward the closet.
            “You didn’t tell me you brought a guest,” she said.
            “Wh—” began Jeremiah, but a loud bang drowned out his question.
            Jessenia dashed at the closet door, slamming it open. Goaty ran out—his skin pale like a ghost’s. He tripped over his own feet and scrambled to get back up.
            “Omg, omg, omg, omg,” muttered Goaty compulsively. “Please don’t kill me. Please don’t kill me.”
            “Who is this?” she asked standing over Goaty who lay in fetal position on the ground.
            “That’s my best friend, Goaty,” said Jeremiah.
            “Why is he here?” said Jessenia, picking him up by the collar. Goaty trembled, hiding his face behind two pudgy hands.
            Jeremiah wanted to respond, but hesitated. Before he could decide what to say Jessenia dropped Goaty and pulled up a flap on the sleeve of her left forearm. A screen hid beneath it. Strange symbols and lines gyrated in front of her. She typed on it with her fingertips, looking around as if scanning the room.
            “Ah, I thought so,” she said.
            In one swift motion Jessenia reached under the bed and dragged Myra out by an arm.
            “Let me go you creepy thing,” demanded Myra. She yanked, but Jessenia only tightened her grip.
            “Let her go, please,” said Jeremiah.
            Jessenia released Myra who rubbed her arm, staring at the alien threateningly. 
            “I’m sorry. I was scared so I brought Goaty,” said Jeremiah who knew he had to explain the presence of his friends in the room.
            “What about this one,” said Jessenia pointing at Myra.
            “Don’t point at me,” said Myra. “I do whatever I want.”
            “Have it your way,” responded Jessenia. The stranger pulled out a silver object the size of a pen and jabbed it against Myra’s shoulder. She bent down and did the same to Goaty.
            “What did you just do to me?” said Myra.
            “I have to inoculate you for travel,” said Jessenia.
            “Wait,” began Jeremiah, “they’re coming with us?”
            “They have no choice now and we need to hurry.”
            “No, no, I can’t go,” said Goaty who finally calmed down but still lay on the floor. “My parents are going to kill me.”
            “You should have thought about that before you came,” said Jessenia in a mother-like tone. “Okay, this is going to feel a little funny.”
            “Wait, you didn’t inoculate me,” said Jeremiah.
            “No need,” said Jessenia. “Where we’re going, you’ve been before.”
            “I don’t remember going anywhere with you,” said Jeremiah.
            “I know,” said Jessenia. “That’s the problem.”
            She typed a command into her forearm. The light in the room grew brighter. The friends stared at one another. Fear crawled across their faces.
            “I can’t do this,” said Goaty, running to the door. Before he could reach it the light surrounding him intensified then died, leaving the room in near darkness. Jessenia, Jeremiah and his friends vanished.
            A knock came in through the door.
            “Jeremiah?” said Daylin, his mom. “Goaty? Are you guys okay?”
            Propped against the wall just outside of the closet lay Goaty’s sister’s phone, the camera still recording.

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