Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Jeremiah Watkins and the Four-Year Space Adventure - Chapter 3

Chapter 3

            “Alright, the hidden camera man is ready to go,” said Goaty from inside Jeremiah’s closet. Only a portion of his head showed through the door crack.
            “Your sister is going to kill you when she finds out you took her iPhone,” said Myra who held her promise to keep the meeting a secret. She sat on Jeremiah's bed.
            “No, she won’t. I got plenty of juicy information from her texts with Cal—enough to blackmail her for a whole year,” responded Goaty with glee.
            “Myra, you have to find someplace to hide,” interrupted Jeremiah. He paced around his room rubbing the sweat from his fingers.
            “I don’t want to hide,” said Myra.
            “You have to!” said Jeremiah. “If she sees you here, she’ll get upset.”
            “She? Don’t you mean ‘it’?” asked Myra. “Does this alien chick have a name?”
            “Jessenia,” said Jeremiah.
            “Jessenia?” responded Myra. “That doesn’t sound like an alien name. This might just be some crazy stalker sneaking in through your window.”
            “I guess since you snuck in through the window twenty minutes ago, you must be the stalker,” said Goaty who smiled at his own cleverness.
            “Look, here—you’ll fit right under the bed,” said Jeremiah ignoring his friends’ bickering. They hadn’t let up on each other since their meeting at Goaty’s house.
            “Ugh,” groaned Myra who made sure to express her disapproval as she slid beneath Jeremiah’s bed.
            “Okay, shush—it’s almost time,” said Jeremiah turning out the lights.
            He jumped into bed.
            “Ow! Watch out!” yelled Myra.
            “Sorry, I forget I’m a lot bigger than I used to be,” said Jeremiah apologizing.
            “If you guys keep making noise Jeremiah’s mom is gong to walk in,” said Goaty. “You have to be more like me—the ninja of cinematography!”
            “Shut up, Goaty,” said Jeremiah and Myra together.
            The room went quiet. Moonlight crept in through the curtains, casting shadows everywhere. Jeremiah examined the familiar shapes around him: the old dinosaur poster he put up in fourth grade, his school books on the desk beneath the window, the basketball hoop shaped hamper his mom got him the previous year. Everything seemed normal, but he didn’t feel that way. He still hadn’t gotten used to his new body and he couldn’t go anywhere without people whispering and staring. Lots of his old friends stopped talking to him. Even the teachers shot him odd looks when they thought he wasn’t looking. Now he laid in bed waiting for a being from out of space to help him figure out why everything changed. The world just turned upside down.
            Jeremiah’s eyes landed on a frame hanging from the wall. A heavy shadow kept him from making out the person in the photo, but he could perfectly recall the image in his mind. He even had a picture of it in his phone so he could look at it anytime. Though Jeremiah had never met his dad, he often wished he’d never left him and his mom alone.
            The moonlight seemed to glow brighter, revealing the dark features of the man in the photograph.
            “I think something’s happening guys,” said Goaty with a slight quiver in his voice.
            “Be quiet,” whispered Jeremiah. “Remember not to make any noise.”
            “Oh crap, oh crap, oh crap,” said Goaty. “This is happening!”
            “Shh!” hissed Myra from her hiding spot.
            The brightness of the room grew so intense Jeremiah checked to see if his mom had flipped on the light switch. A high-pitched whine filled his ears and then died down after a few seconds. The room fell back into near total darkness. A purple glow emanated from the foot of the bed. Standing there was Jessenia.
            Her violet skin radiated. Silky straight black hair fell to her shoulders, framing her facial features like pulled-back curtains. Eyes bluer than the sky sat atop her high cheekbones. She wore a tight, dark suit with metal guards on her chest, arms and legs. Every part of her emanated a soft, purple light.
            “It’s time to go,” she said in a voice that made Jeremiah want to jump up and join her on an adventure.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Jeremiah Watkins and the Four-Year Space Adventure - Chapter 2

Chapter 2

            “Is she pretty?” said Goaty.
            “Pretty? What does that have to do with anything I just told you?” said Jeremiah.
            “I don’t know about you, Jer, but if a strange alien girl is visiting my room at night I would be freaking out…unless she was pretty,” Goaty added, a goofy smile spreading on his face.
            Jeremiah sighed. His best friend somehow found ways to miss the point of most serious conversations. In fact, Jeremiah wasn’t always sure why he and Goaty remained friends, but they had been since Kindergarten. At least Goaty had one good quality: the ability to keep a secret.
            “She said that the universe depends on me and I have to go with her,” said Jeremiah.
            Goaty laughed out loud. His chubby cheeks giggled with the rest of his body.
            “That’s what she said!” said Jeremiah, defending his statement.
            “Look, man, are you sure you’re not dreaming all of this up?” asked Goaty. “Don’t you think it’s a little ridiculous that some alien girl is coming to your room at night saying you have to leave with her to save the world?”
            “The universe.” Jeremiah corrected.
            “Whatever. The point is that you’re probably hallucinating all this. Maybe all the medicines you’re taking are getting to your head,” replied Goaty.
            “Then at least hide in the room and you could see for yourself,” said Jeremiah.
            “Fine, but if I’m doing this, I’m going to videotape it. If this is true, I could be famous. I’ll be the first person in the world to prove aliens exist!” said Goaty wide-eyed.
            “And I’ll finally figure out why I look like a geeky seventeen-year-old.”
“Better than a geeky thirteen-year-old,” said Goaty. “Anyway, come on. I bet my mom’s done cooking dinner.”
            The pair got up from Goaty’s beanbag chairs. Their body types strongly contrasted with one another. Goaty’s head only reached Jeremiah’s chest. His yellow and orange striped shirt barely covered his pudgy belly. On the other hand, Jeremiah stood tall and lanky. His clothes hung off him like a rag on a mop stick.
            Jeremiah swung open the door leading to the upstairs hallway.
            “Ow!” said a girl’s voice as the door bounced off something hard.
            The boys opened to see whom they hit. Myra, Goaty’s sister’s friend, lay propped against the far wall rubbing her forehead.
            “Myra!” yelled Goaty. “What are you doing? Were you listening to our conversation?”
            “I can do whatever I feel like,” she said defiantly, brushing a strand of dark brown hair from her face.
            “Tell me what you heard or I’ll tell my sister you snuck a peek at her diary,” threatened Goaty.
            “If you do that, I’ll tell everyone at school that you sniff your own dirty underwear.”
            “Ew! That’s gross. I don’t do that,” said Goaty.
            “I don’t care. Every one will believe me,” said Myra with a smug look of victory.
            “I really hate you; you know that?” said Goaty.
            “Good,” said Myra.
            “Come on, Goaty. Let’s just go. I’m sure she didn’t hear anything,” said Jeremiah, grabbing his friend’s shoulders and urging him forward.
             The pair reached the top of the stairs when Myra called out, “I wonder what your mom will say when she finds out you’re leaving on a space adventure with some stranger that sneaks into your room.”
            Jeremiah froze mid-step. He jerked back to face Myra. “You wouldn’t tell her. She wouldn’t believe you,” said Jeremiah.
            “Maybe. Maybe not,” she said. “I guess we’ll find out.”
            “You can’t. I need to find out what happened to me,” explained Jeremiah.
            “Fine,” said Myra, “but only if you take me with you.”
            “No way, Jose!” said Goaty, piercing Myra with a furrowed-brow stare.
            “Fine,” said Jeremiah.
            “Wha—” began Goaty, but his friend put a hand up, stopping him mid-sentence.
            “But you can’t tell anyone,” finished Jeremiah.
            “You have my word,” said Myra pretending to lock her lips with a key.
               Goaty shook his head. “This is going to be a disaster,” he mumbled.