Friday, October 30, 2015

Jeremiah Watkins and the Four-Year Space Adventure – Chapter 1

Chapter 1

           Jeremiah Watkins hung his head as he walked out of a doctor’s examination room for the 132nd time in the previous three months. The doctors kept saying nothing like this had ever happened in the history of anything. As far as they could tell, he didn’t have cancer or progeria or any other life threatening illness. They ran tests nearly everyday hoping to figure out what was wrong. The only thing anyone knew was that one night Jeremiah went to bed like any other normal thirteen-year-old and woke up the next day looking like a seventeen-year-old.
            Imagine his surprise when he opened his eyes and saw two enormous feet hanging over the foot of his bed. At first he thought maybe his older brother, Max, crawled into the wrong room and fell asleep next to him. His hands swatted the spaces beside him looking for the rest of Max’s body but no one appeared. Jeremiah’s brain grew into a jelly-filled mush of confusion while the large, knobby feet just hung there.
            It wasn’t until he sat up that he realized the feet moved with him. When he thought about wiggling his toes, the curly digits waved at him. Jeremiah snapped out of bed and ran to the bathroom mirror. He nearly tripped as vertigo sabotaged his senses. Every object in the room seemed smaller, as if he had eaten Alice’s special cake from Wonderland.
            The mirror didn’t help his sense of shock. Islands of dark hair skirted his heavy jawline. Sharp cheekbones jutted outward beneath his familiar green eyes. A thick, wavy swath of oak colored locks framed his rugged features. Although clothes he’d never seen before covered the rest of his body, he could see muscle definition where none had existed.
Despite noticing his own resemblance, Jeremiah felt like a stranger stood before him. So, he did the only thing any thirteen-year-old grown man would do at that point.
            “Mom!” he screamed.
            At first, his mother, Daylin, thought a burglar had snuck into her son’s room. She yelled, desperately racing to find a phone to call the police. After much pleading and begging on Jeremiah’s part, Daylin stopped to look. Slowly she discovered the features of her little boy hidden behind the teary-eyed teenager kneeling before her. Not long after, they jumped in her car. She couldn’t stop staring at him on their way to the hospital. After convincing the nurses they weren’t getting pranked, Jeremiah saw a doctor for the first time since his transformation.
             Sometime after the 47th hospital appointment, Jeremiah received a surprise visit. The visitor literally appeared while he lay in bed one night, claiming to know exactly why Jeremiah had aged so quickly. It turned out the visitor wasn’t from earth. In fact, she wasn’t from the Milky Way galaxy either. More importantly, Jeremiah Watkins quickly found out this wasn’t her first visit.

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