Saturday, April 12, 2014

The Cardinal Points

We should meet in our dreams
Where colors streak and lines melt
Where definitions have no meaning
Where the boundaries between our souls do not exist
We should meet on the horizon
Where people leave their thoughts about eternity
Where time and distance have no place
Where infinity makes its home
We should meet in a lover's sigh
Where we spin and twirl on the breath of longing
Where the taste of passion lingers
Where the aroma of sensuality flutters
We should meet in the place that is no place
Where peace springs like a fountain
Where humanity emerges
Where life has its source
Let us travel there while we sleep
Let us fly on a thought
Let us follow the wind
Let us land on the Elysian Fields.
And when we arrive,
We will forget that you and I exist.

By Remy Dou

Inspired by fit.