Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Children's Literature Review

     Starting a new job can be daunting, but starting a job that doesn't pay is exciting. What makes unpaid jobs exciting is that people who agree to them have vested interest in what they're doing--usually. It certainly is the case for me.
     At the SCBWI Mid-Atlantic conference I received a flyer from Children's Literature about seeking new reviewers. It seemed like something interesting. I love to read and I love writing media reviews. Plus, they promised I get to keep all the books they send me! I decided to contact them.
     The person I spoke with was very friendly, and the more I spoke to her the more excited I became about this new project/hobby. Roughly every six weeks, I'll receive a batch of five books, anything from board books to YA novels, and I'll get to write a paragraph for each about my perceptions--positive or negative. Children's Literature will then add the reviews to its database.
     I got my first batch of five books today. It's a test batch. Hopefully, I will pass. I am looking forward to reading, enjoying, scrutinizing, and then adding them to my collection or donating them. I'm pretty excited about it.
     So, next time you flip open a book jacket or open a magazine and glance at the children's book review, check to see whether it came from Children's Literature. It may just have my name on it.


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