Thursday, November 12, 2009

Many Writers One Voice

That's the name of the writing contest I entered about a week ago. My short-story, "The Woman Underneath the Maple Tree," placed second in the Miami Writers Association contest, and I had an opportunity to read it before an audience of writers and published authors on November 11th, at 'The Bookstore in the Grove,' in Miami, Fl.

What a great experience this was! This marks the first award that my writing has received. I accept it enthusiastically and gratefully. I was surprised by the amount of writers in Miami, and the amount of groups that support Miami's artists and writers, like the Miami Writers Association (MWA), Miami's Independent Thinkers, and I also thought it was very interesting that every contest winner and speaker was or is a teacher in some way. Most of them were English majors, except for myself and Gil Petigrew. (Both of us are Biologists)

The story I read was a mystical, autumn colored tale about a farmer who has a portentous encounter with an ominous woman who approaches him carrying a baby and asking him to give her his prized-pumpkin to feed her child. The whole of the story is very mystical and arcane. The major symbolisms that appear throughout the approximately one-thousand-word tale juxtapose fertility and death.

While receiving some recognition for the kind of work that I am passionate about is great, the really poignant memories will be of my wife, my uncle, and my wife's family sitting there supporting me. It was a special treat to have my uncle there, since besides the love I have for him as family, I also admire him greatly as a successful, highly competent, and knowledgeable author.

It certainly was a very spiritual experience, like the dawn that proceeds from the culmination of a very long and disheartening night.

* If you wanna check out the story, shoot me an e-mail.

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